Latino And Hispanic Climate Cultists Fight For Intersectional Climate Justice

This isn’t really about science, is it. Also, most Latinos hate the term Latinx, a word pretty much invented by uber-white liberal SJWs

The Young Latinx and Hispanic Climate Leaders Changing the World

From Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, we are celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month, a 30-day period dedicated to honoring the contributions and culture that Hispanic and Latinx Americans have shared with society — though we think it’s important to honor the Hispanic and Latinx communities every day of the year.

There are numerous incredible Latinx and Hispanic activists in the climate movement, who all use their platforms to advocate for intersectional climate justice. Read on for a list of nine amazing young Latinx and Hispanic climate activists who are leading the climate movement, whether they’re doing so via online education, in-person strikes, or speeches that gain the attention of world leaders.

What in the hell is intersectional climate justice? It’s like listening to a crazy Marxist make crap up

Alexandria Villaseñor is a 15-year-old Latina climate justice activist. She grew up in California — where the smoke from the Camp Fire made her ill, which introduced her to the horrors of the climate crisis — and has spent the last few years living in New York City, where she strikes outside New York’s UN headquarters every Friday.

Villaseñor also co-founded Earth Uprising, she spoke at the 2020 DNC, and she contributed an essay to the book All We Can Save, a book of essays and poems by more than 40 women leading the climate movement. She often uses her online platform to advocate for intersectionality in the fight for climate justice.

First, that fire was caused by electrical transmission wires and poor maintenance, not ‘climate change’. Second, Is Villasenor willing to give up her own modern life? To forgo a decent adult life for her beliefs, with skyrocketing taxes, cost of living, and unemployment? How about giving up power, which means no Internet connection, no smartphone connections and charging?

Diandra Marizet is a Mexican American climate activist based in Houston, Texas, with a degree from Texas A&M University. During the summer of 2020, Marizet co-founded Intersectional Environmentalist, a platform that advocates for intersectionality in the climate justice movement by providing educational resources, action steps, online communities, and more.

Marizet currently works as a brand strategy director for a nonprofit, and she previously worked in the fashion industry, so her website is a great resource for learning about zero-waste and sustainable fashion and personal care.

Do any of these climawarriors have degrees in science? Lots more are mentioned, and they all seem to be…profiting off the climahysteria the push.

Better known as Queer Brown Vegan, Isaias Hernandez is a California-based environmentalist who provides readers of his Instagram page and website with easy-to-understand explainers about the climate crisis and other justice-related issues. He is also a co-founder of Alluvia Magazine, which amplifies BIPOC voices in the environmental movement.

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3 Responses to “Latino And Hispanic Climate Cultists Fight For Intersectional Climate Justice”

  1. Dana says:

    Isaias Hernandez lost me at Queer Brown Vegan.

    And “BIPOC”? Black, Indigenous and People of Color? Does this mean that blacks are somehow separate from people of color? Of course, BIPOC is very exclusionary; there are no provisions for homosexuals, transgenders, non-binary, questioning and whatever other newfangled idiocy is out there.

  2. Est1950 says:

    The fact that kids around the globe are on the march for climate change shows the tentacles the CCP government has with their belt and road initiative as well as a dozen other programs all intended to propagandize the youth of every country turning them against their own culture and nation.

    When Trump took office his administration was flabbergasted at how deep this insidious threat ran around the world. Even Germany today cannot bring themselves to shed the shackles of CHINA because they are so deeply in bed with them.

    Merkel told Trump to go fly a kite and turned to Moscow for help, refusing to stop doing business with Russia all the while screaming about Trump pulling troops out of Germany and relocating them to Belgium and Italy, while bring roughly 5k of them home.

    The leader of the EU is in bed with China and Russia and people think Obama did us great favors. Remember the “After the election tell Vladimir I will have more flexibility” Quoth Obama in a hot mic moment.

    Yeah that flexibility included we will carve up Ukraine. You take Crimea and we will take the rest. Boots landed on the Ground, Joe Biden flew to Ukraine QUID PRO QUOING for money for his son. George Soros and Cloudstrike told the FBI to go fuk off they would handle the email server hacks themselves.

    LO and BEHOLD it was RUSSIA and TRUMP.

    Stand by for a stroke of brilliance on Trump’s part.

  3. Est1950 says:

    Trump’s call to declassify Russia collusion, Clinton documents sparks fierce debate online

    Absolutely brilliant on Trump’s part. He has rekindled the we hate HRC crowd.

    He has switched the narrative from covid-19 which is a lie, sham and hoax.

    LIE because the press ignores the fact that EVERY NATION ON THE PLANET WAS DECIMATED BY THE PANDEMIC

    Sham because AMERICA has actually fared quite well given the seriousness of the disease before we figured out its secrets.

    HOAX because our own FDC said not to wear masks thereby promoting the spread of the disease to keep people from buying up all the PPE. Fauchi first said oh masks do not help so don’t wear them. Then later he said yeah masks help so then the narrative by the left was that suddenly it was everyone has to wear a mask or die.

    Take the typical mask and pour a bottle of water in it. The water pours through it like a sieve. When you speak those microscopic virus germs go POOF right through the massively porous fabric into the air anyway.

    So by declassifying the RUSSIA DOCUMENTS less than a month before the election it will show the world how communist are press is in America. They will not even discuss it except for the independents and Fox. The rest of them will hammer Trump on COVID-19. Just like HRC told the press in NOW RELEASED EMAILS to FOCUS ON TRUMP give him 24×7 coverage and let him destroy himself.

    They obeyed the Democratic party’s dictate. Biden will simply tell the press to ignore the documents which shows massive corruption in the highest levels so that he can win and sweep all this away and tell the American people to go fuk themselves. They don’t matter.

    Brilliant. It will fire up not only Trump’s base but the moderate Dems and the independents who actually do care about this stuff.

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