Surprise! Green Taxes Raising Cost Of Energy In UK

I know, I know, it’s shocking that this would happen (via Tom Nelson)

(The Sunday Times) ENERGY companies will launch a fightback in the row over soaring household bills with a new report that claims government-imposed “green” charges are driving up prices.

Politicians pilloried the “big six” utilities for a flurry of recent rate rises that have pushed up the average annual household bill to £1,330 — twice what it was five years ago. The companies claim that aside from the wholesale gas price, the biggest factor in rising tariffs is the raft of subsidies for wind farms and other low-carbon technologies.

British Gas, the country’s biggest utility, said green charges accounted for £150 of the overall bill — a 50% increase from 2007, when they accounted for £94.

So, the green charges have gone from $149US to $238US in 5 years. I thought all these green energy projects and carbon offset programs and such were supposed to reduce costs to consumers?

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One Response to “Surprise! Green Taxes Raising Cost Of Energy In UK”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Wait. This does not make sense. How can raising fees, taxes, and access prices on energy producers and transporters lead to increased prices on consumers? I thought these increased were covered by the extra solar power. Didn’t the solar and off-shore wind power equal cash in the books?

    All they had to do was invest billions in solar and wind and that money would just be accounted for “naturally”.

    I mean, that’s how our farmers have been able to survive all these years. We have yet to lose one farmer from all these regulations and fees.

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