Proper Gym Behavior

This especially applies to small community gyms, like where I go in my golfing community.

  • Get the heck off your phone call, or go outside.
  • Use some sort of headset (there’s a sign at my gym which says this, yet a few people have to do their own thing. I’ve asked politely, and when rebuffed, took mine off and let Rush, Glenn, Hannity, or heavy metal loose)
  • If you’re prone towards stinky, take a shower prior. Or go to a big gym. (I’ve grabbed spray front desk for people, didn’t care if they knew it. I’ve also moved to other machines. Guy got annoyed when I switched to a different treadmill yesterday)
  • Don’t hog machines. Especially don’t hog multiple at one time.
  • Likewise, don’t hog benches or areas.
  • The benches are for using, not sitting and yapping.
  • Especially do not sit your sweaty ass on top of the free weight arm curl bench.
  • The benches are not for storing your stuff. And don’t get upset in the least when I move stuff to floor, especially when you’ve had an opportunity to move it.
  • Wipe the machines down.
  • If you want to have a good old time and yammer (getting in everyone else’s way), your mother said to go outside and get some fresh air.
  • This is not your high school gym. No grunting, jumping or stalking around, making angry faces, or otherwise pretending you’re getting ready for The Big Game. You know, you see this same type of behavior at basketball courts.
  • Leave your clothes on. Stop lifting up your shirt. Also, pull your frickin pants up.
  • While looking is OK, guys, staring is not. Yoga pants with “juicy” on the butt (I’ll never understand while ladies willingly wear those) out and about, fine. Not at the gym.
  • If you catch guys looking, ladies, well, yeah. We’re guys. We appreciate the female form, especially in skimpy clothes. And don’t get offended, because we know you peek, too.
  • Be courteous.
  • Put the weights away. Also, don’t put them on rack backwards.

Simple, eh. Whatcha got?

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