Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx Calls For More Gun Control

Bear with me here. Twitchy has a post up about this subject

Sixx also tweeted that he is a gun owner, and is not a tree hugging liberal. As you can see at Twitchy, both with responses to Sixx and in the comments, he was assaulted for this position.

Here’s the thing: he’s sorta right. Why can’t we have an actual conversation and look for solutions that may work in reducing “gun crime” without infringing on the rights of law abiding gun owners? Why not engage in a conversation and offer up policies that would help? Liberals keep offering the same solutions again and again, and are now even hinting at the Australian solution, which would be taking away almost all private ownership rights of citizens, using gun buybacks and confiscation. Meaning the same criminals would still have guns while citizens would be disarmed.

Let’s get ahead of the conversation. It’s almost 2016: there may be some sort of technological solution out there. Twitchy ran a post a few days ago about Valerie Jarrett getting trolled over using microchips in guns that can remotely disable the gun. Why is this a bad idea? Why not start with embedded tracking chips under the control of the owner, that way if the gun is stolen, it can be tracked, much like a mobile phone? Yes, there would necessarily be a law requiring the owner to report the theft as soon as they know, and provide the tracking info to law enforcement. The laws would have to be very, very specific in order to safeguard privacy of legal gun owners. But, a lot are stolen (especially in Dem run cities).

What if we could take this a step further and have a way to shut the gun down with these chips? Think about where computer tech has come since 1990. And mobile phones. The first iPhone wasn’t released until 2007. Same with Amazon’s Kindle. Not that long ago. Look where we are now.

I can tell you one reason why gun supporters do not want to engage: if you give Leftists and inch, they will take the proverbial mile. Then demand another couple inches, and take more miles. Why not pre-empt this? Take the lead?

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7 Responses to “Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx Calls For More Gun Control”

  1. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    Here’s the thing: he’s sorta right. Why can’t we have an actual conversation and look for solutions that may work in reducing “gun crime” without infringing on the rights of law abiding gun owners?

    The left would be terrified of that conversation, because an honest conversation would result in obvious policies:

    1 – People have to stop having illegitimate children. Children can only be reared properly in a home with both a mother and a father, who are legally married to each other. Society must ostracize people who refuse to abide by this.
    2 – People have to be held accountable for their actions, and not be given pablum excuses for bad behavior.
    3 – Parents must insist that their children stay in school, and keep their children away from dropouts and punks and gangsters.

    Our gun “problem” is really a people problem; you cannot correct the gun problem without addressing the bad behavior of rotten people. The left don’t want to talk about that, because liberal policies have led to the wide-open society which produces bastard children and drug usage and gangster wannabes.

  2. I told you heavy metal sucks, lol

  3. We don’t need another tracking scheme, another soft registration, or one more requirement in order to peaceably exercise our rights. Put down the statist Kool-aid.

    The answer is not in registering or tracking more things, but in punishing evil behavior. If Dem cities don’t care about theft or murder, then let those foolish enough to live there drown in a sea of thievery and blood. I will not track my possessions or allow them to be tracked as though I were the wrongdoer!

    Only when the existing laws are being enforced and when we have dealt with the societal problems should we even think about adding more laws.

  4. Mark E says:

    Funny — complaining about ‘bumper sticker quotes’ on twitter.

    Well, in light of another member of the Democrat coalition committing mass murder, and the contest between Chicago & Baltimore on who will have the most democrat on democrat slayings …

    “Guns don’t kill people … Democrats kill people”

  5. david7134 says:

    What the killers don’t seem to understand is that murder is against the law. What our politicians don’t understand is the killers can’t get that concept. So what luck would we have with another law or regulation except to stop law abiding people from defending themselves, just as in the recent tragedy? Here in Louisiana, at guy tried to shot up a theater. He killed two but then was stopped as in the South we charge people doing these things, we don’t run away. That stops the killing. I had a situation where a patient was threatening me and my family as I would not give him narcotics. I called the cops and was told they could do nothing to stop the man. I told them I was calling so I would not have to kill him. That is the response you get from our “defenders”.

  6. xtron says:

    let’s try talking to the dem’s about the mental health issues and the psycotropic drugs that are a common factor in most, if not all, mass shootings since at least collumbine. never minf, they don’t want to go there because the bhig pharma companies own too many congress critters on both ssides of the isle.

    if you want to have an honest, open, discusssion on how to reduce killings in this country, it will have to include prescription drugs, illegal drugs and the gangs that traffic them, “gangsta” music, video gamming, and an honest discussion of the moral breakdown of our society…..then and only then can “we” hope to find answers to the problem.

    good luck getting a left leaning politician to discuss religion, enforscing existing laws, and curbing medical doping.

  7. Blick says:

    When you build a godless and immoral society that relishes violent entertainment, music and games; do not be surprised if that is how some of the residents act.

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