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All Climate Change Is Local Or Something

Seeing as how US Secretary of State John Kerry has solved all the ills in the world…no more fighting in Syria, Libya is now a hive of peace, ISIS, al Qaeda, and other Islamist groups have renounced violence, Palestinians are no longer attacking Israeli civilians, etc…he’s joined with high flying uber-rich guy (I thought Lefties […]

If All You See…

…is a tree dying from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The First Street Journal, with a post on when seconds count.

Bummer: Pumpkin Pie May Be Missing From Christmas Due To Hotcoldwetdry

Because ‘climate change’ causes everything. In one breath we’re told that it will increase drought. In the next, increase flooding. We used to call this “weather”. Now it’s a political movement. One has to wonder why Warmists, part of the far left movement, care about Christmas in the first place. So many of them are […]

What Does Gun Control Look Like In France?

It looks extremely draconian America’s Gun Madness, as Seen From Europe ….. Viewed from France, everything about the United States looms large. Still, the numbers the newscasters ticked off — more than 300 million guns in circulation, mass shootings occurring at a rate of nearly one per day, thousands of victims of gun-related deaths — […]

Washington Post: Putin Forcing Obama To Act Or Yield In Syria

I wonder which way Obama will jump? Russia’s Syria intervention may force choice on Obama: Act or yield Russia’s military moves in Syria are fundamentally changing the face of the country’s civil war, putting President Bashar al-Assad back on his feet, and may complicate the Obama administration’s plans to expand its air operations against the […]

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