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Can Winemakers Survive Statistically Insignificant Warming?

The latest hang-wringing from the Cult Of Climastrology Can winemakers survive climate change? Doom! Or not. Good news for wine drinkers: a leading international body says grape vines are hardy and can survive climate change, at least over the medium term. Earlier harvesting, changes in grape varieties and new wine-making processes have already helped counter […]

If All You See…

…are evil TVs sucking down lots and lots of power, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Public Secrets, with a post saying we tried to warn you, Seattle.

Happy Halloween!

Have to have some pinup today, right! We’ll consider this sort of an IAYS, giving it up to The Lonely Conservative, with the Saturday Funnies. And some Victory Girls Blog, with a post on the White House blocking the release of some Hillary emails.

Ted Cruz: Climate Change Is A Religion, Not Science

Ted Cruz sat down with Glenn Beck Thursday, and had this to say on the subject of ‘climate change’ “You know part of the reason he (the president of the Sierra Club) didn’t know the facts? Because climate change is not science, it’s religion. Look at the language where they call you a “denier” Denier […]

Tom Tancredo Explains Why He’s Quitting GOP

Tom Tancredo has long been a Conservative stalwart, with a lifetime rate of 99% per the American Conservative Union for his 10 years in office. He writes over at Breitbart that he is leaving the GOP In a panel discussion at the University of Colorado after the recent Republican debate, I was asked by a […]

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