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Good Grief: Joaquin Is Another Word For Climate Change

I knew you wanted another raging, deranged, nutty as a fruitcake missive from the Cult of Climastrology Hurricane Joaquin: Another Word for Climate Change In case you hadn’t guessed, a new study shows “superstorms” will be much more frequent in the years ahead. Except a) it’s not a superstorm, it’s a typical hurricane, and b) […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful mass transit train which can reduce extreme rainfall, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Last Refuge, with a post on the curious case of the Oregon shooter.

A Warming World Could Totally Mean Crocodiles Everywhere Or Something

In a sane world, this type of article would be a pure “jumping the shark” moment. Alas, the number of bat guano crazy articles emanating from the Cult of Climastrology weekly are quite large, and never stop. Here’s today’s from TakePart’s Padma Nagappan A Warming World Could Be a Crocodile-Infested One A warming planet is […]

NY Times Editorial Board Bemoans The Typical Political Ritual After Shootings, Joins In

The NY Times Editorial Board, safely ensconced in their workplace with armed security, is Very Upset over the way people have engaged post-Oregon shooting (but not enough to actually offer condolences) The Political Ritual After Mass Shootings The Republican presidential candidates were quick to offer sympathy but little else to the nation, to the grieving […]

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