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Latest Warmist Meme: Climate Pledges Aren’t Enough, We Have To Do Way More

As we approach the next Conference On The Parties in Paris, where lots of Warmists will take lots of fossil fueled trips from all over the world, many of them sucking at the teet of the government via taxpayer funded hotel rooms, etc and so on, members of the Cult of Climastrology are trotting out […]

If All You See…

…is an evil dog sucking up the Earth’s natural resources and causing more/less hurricanes, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Jammie Wearing Fools, with a post wondering why Michelle O is unveiling new websites.

Surprise: Another Warmist Calls For Changing The Whole Economic System

But don’t say that this is a political movement, because this is totally about “science”! Here’s Warmist Prof. Alice Bows-Larkin (video here) (via Climate Depot) So that poses very significant challenges for wealthy nations. Because according to our research, if you’re in a country where per capita emissions are really high — so North America, Europe, Australia —emissions […]

Poll: Support For Civilian Possession Of Handguns At Highest Level Ever

Gallup is running an article entitled Americans’ Desire for Stricter Gun Laws Up Sharply, and liberal gun grabbers (meaning, they want to grab Everyone Else’s guns, not their own), are crowing about this. They really love this poll Fifty-five percent of Americans say they want laws covering the sale of firearms to be stricter than […]

NY Times Blames Republicans For Ocare Coop Failures

If you haven’t noticed, Obamacare co-ops are losing lots of money, and are not just on shaky ground, but are failing left and right and shutting down. Guess who the NY Times blames for this? A New Attack on Health Care Reform In recent months, several nonprofit insurance plans that were created to compete with […]

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