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Oops: Congress To Investigate RICO Letter Writers

The scientists who wrote a letter to Obama and the Attorney General, suggesting that those who fail to follow the Cult of Climastrology’s official line be prosecuted under RICO statues, are in a peck of a bit of trouble. (Daily Caller) The 20 climate scientists and academics who sent a letter to President Barack Obama […]

If All You See…

…is extreme rain from a hurricane made worse from climate change, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Daley Gator, with a post on Statists tackling “real” problems.

Could Democrats Please Tell Us Their Plans To Reduce Gun Violence?

Moments after yesterday’s horrific shooting at yet another gun free zone, in which a nutjob targeted Christians (from everything I’ve read, he’s not a Democrat or Republican, just a nutjob), Democrats were quick to politicize this tragic event, none more than Mr. Obama, as PJ Media’s Liz Sheld notes Yesterday, a crazed-lunatic went to a […]

Here We Go: Huffington Post Links Hurricane Joaquin With ‘Climate Change’

Most news outlets have wisely stayed away from this proposition, something that is not based on science. Not Huffington Post’s Lydia O’Conner How Climate Change Is Intensifying Hurricane Joaquin Warmer oceans are making everything worse. As the East Coast prepares for a possible Hurricane Joaquin landfall, experts warn that its intensity and potential for destruction are […]

NY Times Admits Palestinians Are Mostly At Fault For Peace Failure

Here’s something you’ll almost never see in the leftist NY Times: the Editorial Board telling the whole truth when it comes to Palestinian terrorism Mahmoud Abbas Gives Up on Peace The sad political reality behind Mahmoud Abbas’s “bombshell” declarationon Wednesday that the Palestinians no longer regard themselves as bound by the Oslo Peace Accords is that […]

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