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UK Clean Energy Firms Go Belly Up

I wonder why (via Paul Homewood) Two clean energy firms go bust within hours ‘because of Tory U-turn on energy policy’ Two of the UK’s leading clean energy companies have gone into administration on the same day, blaming the Government’s U-turn on energy policy. Nearly 1,000 staff were laid off in Leicester yesterday as home insulation […]

If All You See…

…is a world turning to desert because Someone Else refused to go carbon neutral, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Protein Wisdom, with a post on tacos being culturally offensive.

Bummer: USGS Blows Up SC 1000 Year Flood Meme, Denies ‘Climate Change’ Link

Many, many hyperventilating news outlets yammered on about the “1000 year flood” after the days and days and days of rain in in the Carolinas, especially South Carolina (I was supposed to join my parents in Hilton Head next week. They cancelled the vacation due to the extreme detours necessary to get there). Super-Warmists Eric […]

Obama Considers Issuing Executive Order On Gun Purchases That Would Solve Nothing

Liberals have never met a gun control idea that they don’t like, as long as it is one that only affects those who are law abiding citizens who do not use their guns in a criminal manner. Going after those who actually use guns criminally or may use them criminally? Please. Any sort of law […]

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