All Climate Change Is Local Or Something

Seeing as how US Secretary of State John Kerry has solved all the ills in the world…no more fighting in Syria, Libya is now a hive of peace, ISIS, al Qaeda, and other Islamist groups have renounced violence, Palestinians are no longer attacking Israeli civilians, etc…he’s joined with high flying uber-rich guy (I thought Lefties hated The Rich?) to tell us that All Climate Change Is Local

When world leaders (take long fossil fueled flights followed by fossil fueled limos to venues where they eat fancy shmancy foods flown in from around the world and) gather in Paris in December to negotiate a global agreement on climate change, they will have a powerful ally standing behind them and urging them onward: mayors. In fact, mayors have already helped set the stage for success in Paris, by establishing models of cooperation that provide a strong foundation for the negotiations.

Through international coalitions like the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group and the Compact of Mayors, cities around the world have been committing to major reductions in carbon emissions, while adopting a common measurement system and public reporting process to ensure that they can be held accountable. In other words: Many cities are already doing what the United Nations is urging national governments to do.

Are these the same Leftist mayors running Leftist cities who are dealing with large amounts of property and violent crime? The same ones who’ve instituted lots and lots of Big Government progressive solutions to crime, and seen it continue to escalate? The ones who complain about how women and minorities (mostly meaning Blacks) will be negatively affected by Hotcoldwetdry, yet, like to disarm women, leaving them vulnerable to violent crime, and don’t seem to care that the majority of homicides in their cities are minorities (mostly Blacks) who were killed mostly by minorities (mostly Blacks)? Those mayors?

Mayors have had good reason to take a leading role in this work. Urban centers are now home to half of the global population, and are responsible for an estimated 70 percent of annual greenhouse-gas emissions. Cities are not only a big part of the cause of climate change — they will also bear the brunt of the effects. Ninety percent of cities are built along rivers and coastal plains, which are particularly vulnerable to sea-level rise and extreme weather, both of which are byproducts of climate change.

So, cities are mostly at fault? We should Ban Cities.

As mayors lead on climate change, they are taking an additional step that is multiplying their impact: They are sharing their experiences and lessons learned with other mayors, and spreading the best ideas around the world.

Hopefully, they’re not sharing their experiences in how to reduce violent crime with each other. That’s like dividing by zero.

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