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Latest Potential Liberal Freakout: Giffords Could Lose Seat

This is obviously Sarah Palin’s fault, retroactively Washington Post A statute buried in Arizona law states that if a public officeholder ceases to “discharge the duties of office for the period of three consecutive months,” the office shall be deemed vacant – at such time a special election could be called to fill the vacancy. […]

What Would MLK Say About Global Warming?

Obviously, that question was huge on his mind, as Father Paul Mayer at the Huffington Post points out Birthday celebrations and national holidays end up being empty gestures if they are not about the authentic quest to fulfill Dr. King’s dream to end militarism and to end the systematic oppression of the poor and the […]

It’s MLK, Jr. Day. Obviously, It’s All About Enviro-Wacko Gardens

Again, there is nothing wrong with environmentalism, and being environmentally conscious. Yet, have you ever noticed that so many of the self-proclaimed environmental champions always take it about 5 steps too far, and drift into La La Land? Case in point: Reflections on community gardens and the legacy of MLK Note: This is a version […]

Today’s Unhinged, Insane, And Over The Top Discoure Comes Via The Washington Post

Kimberly Kindy and Phillip Rucker prove one again why Prozac should be mandatory in all Liberal news rooms, and that mommy and daddy should be kept around so that the reporters read all their homework, not just the stuff they agree with. This really reads more like it was written in the moonbat-o-sphere: Giffords’s border […]

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