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Rare Bird Sightings Caused By….You Guessed It, Climate Change

It can’t have anything to do with “nature doing goofy things to delight us,” right? The nearly 200 birders who participate in Portland’s count treat it as a treasure hunt. Armed with binoculars and scratch pads, groups swarm the Portland area, each assigned to a specific location. They hope to create an accurate log of […]

Aside: Haunting The Library On Lightbulbs

Haunting The Library: Light Bulbs – One Thing That’s Definitely Going Up Thanks to Global Warming

Aside: 2011 Climate Predictions By Unbearable Nakedness

The Unbearable Nakedness Of Climate Change: Incredibly Accurate Climate Forecast For 2011

Zombie: 5 Best Arguments Against Sharia Law In USA

I totally forgot to link a great article by Zombie from the 30th. I certainly do not spend as much time on things like extremist Islam as I used to, but, it is still of high interest to me. Make sure you click over and read this fantastic article: The Five Best Arguments Against Sharia […]

Republicans Plan ObamaCare Repeal Votes Before State Of The Union

Incoming House Speaker John Boehner pledges that the GOP “Pledge To America” will not become a worthless piece of paper, much as the “Contract with America” became. Things will change. He has already put out the new rules, and plans to take them seriously. We’ll see. And one thing we’ll see soon will be votes […]

Liberal Climate Alarmists Now Like The Military!

Usually, the Left treats the military with derision and loathing. Except when they need them to prop up one of their insane ideas. I mentioned before that in 2011 the Warmists were going to spend their time pushing a PR blitz, rather than showing their homework, and we’ve already had one article saying that if […]

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