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Things To Know When You Move To The Carolinas

So, I was having a conversation with a customer while waiting to sign their papers, and they had just moved to Raleigh. We talked about hints for those who are new to the Carolinas: here are a few Once a town hits a certain size, everything is in a circle. Stop thinking straight lines, because […]

Climate Change Causes Racism On MLK Day In South

Is there nothing it can’t do? Put yourself in the shoes of Michael Murray, the associate superintendent of a small school district in the North Carolina foothills. He has to provide 180 days of education for his 6,000 students by June 10. This past week of unusually brutal ice and snow in the South put […]

When Even Excitable Charles Blow Thinks The Left Went Nuts With Their Blamestorming…

…Then most assuredly, they did. Charles calls his op-ed The Tucson Witch Hunt, and he believes the Left was way off base, and, consider, this comes from a super liberal with his head in the sand, who says later in the article I have written about violent rhetoric before, and I’m convinced that it’s poisonous […]

Oh, Noes! Climate Change Could Have Helped The Roman Empire Fall!

Obviously, this must have huge implications for Earth’s nations today, because OMG WE’RE ALL GOING TO…..well, something. Alarmists are never quite sure what will actually happen, but, something will, usually involving very specific words like “Might,” “may”, “possibly,” and “could” (via Jammie Wearing Fool) Some House Democrats blamed their defeat in November’s midterm elections partly […]

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