Daily Archives: January 29, 2011

George Bush Proves Again The Type Of Classy Guy He Is

While we’ve had The Worst President Ever, Jimmy Carter (soon to be relegated to #2 by Obama), and Bill Clinton running around the country and world slamming Bush (and, in some cases, America), plus failed candidate Al Gore, Bush has taken a different tactic Former U.S. President George W. Bush says he has no plans […]

Obviously, The Egyptian Riots Are Caused By Globull Warming

No one has really said it yet, but, you know it is coming, namely, that the Egyptian riots have their foundation in climate change. Stick with me for a moment The latest unrest in Egypt is blamed in part on rising wheat prices, which have squeezed poor Egyptian households. Forty per cent of Egypt’s population […]

Valentines’s Day Is Almost Here, So, Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Lingerie!

Because there’s nothing better for Gaia than sewing your own sexy lingerie Alabama Chanin offers a sexy and sustainable alternative to your standard nylon negligee and polyester panties for Valentine’s Day: a DIY organic cotton corset and bloomer set, entirely made in the USA. Hmmmm Wow, that’s ultra sexy……well, not really, but, your loved one […]

Politico: “Right Takes Refuge In Constitution”

Perhaps it’s all the years reading and listening to Liberals/progressives/surrender monkeys, as the headline almost seems like the Politico means that as a bad or stupid thing. I get the same feeling from the article The federal lawsuits against last year’s health care overhaul were greeted with eye-rolling and snickers from many conventional legal scholars. […]

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