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Why, Yes, Climate Change Is Linked Violent Political Oration

Is there nothing that anthropogenic global warming isn’t linked to? ‘Climate nazis’: Violent rhetoric infects many US debates The violent rhetoric and hate campaigns being proposed by many commentators as setting the context for the horrific attack on congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, which left 6 dead and 14 injured, is far from restricted to the obvious […]

Rep. Slaughter: Hey, Maybe The FCC Should Clamp Down On Meanies

Personally, I’m offended and feel threatened by her violent name: Rep. Louise Slaughter She said she does not fear for herself but for her family. She put some of the blame on the FCC saying it does little to tone down inflammatory rhetoric. She said the FCC should work harder to reprimand TV and radio […]

Treehugger: Can We Now Tone Down The Anti-AGW Rhetoric?

Of course, their premise is that we should have more civility in the green debate, otherwise, OMG, THE WORLD IS GOING TO BURN!!!!!!11!!!!!!! we won’t be able to have a proper debate THE ARCTIC IS GOING TO BE ICE FREE IN 1,000 YEARS and decide what proper legislation BUILD SOLAR PLANTS FOR GAIA!!!! to pass, […]

Apparently, The Real Culprit In The Giffords Shooting Was…..Guns!

Now that we are a few days from the shooting of Representative Giffords, and the cold blooded murder of many others, including a judge and a 9 year old, the media and Democrats are slowly ratcheting up the meme that guns are to blame. They haven’t dropped their fixation on “vitriolic speech”…….you know, all the […]

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