Treehugger: Can We Now Tone Down The Anti-AGW Rhetoric?

Of course, their premise is that we should have more civility in the green debate, otherwise, OMG, THE WORLD IS GOING TO BURN!!!!!!11!!!!!!! we won’t be able to have a proper debate THE ARCTIC IS GOING TO BE ICE FREE IN 1,000 YEARS and decide what proper legislation BUILD SOLAR PLANTS FOR GAIA!!!! to pass, and we seriously STOP SOLAR PLANTS FOR GAIA!!! need to make sure that our country has clean THE SEAS WILL RISE AND WE’LL ALL DIE energy for the future. Obviously, it is the fault of all parties involved …… oh, wait, they are blamestorming: Will Calls to Tone Down Rhetoric Return Civility to Green Debate?

The tragic shooting of Gabrielle Giffords has resulted in vehement calls to “tone down” the intense political rhetoric that has gripped the nation as of late. These calls come from left and right-wing pundits and politicians alike, and they’re aimed at dialing down all of the gun metaphors and violent terminology that’s commonplace on talk shows and on Facebook pages. Does this mean it’s safe to have rational discussions about green politics again?

After all, one always has to question the efficacy and actual impact of such claims — how, exactly, will the rhetoric be “toned down”? Who will place the muzzle on Glenn Beck, Keith Olbermann, or other other impassioned orators? And how long would conscience-driven restraint really last?

Whew! They mentioned Keith. Maybe Treehugger should include themselves, especially with stories that wonder if babies are bad for climate change. But, of course, when it comes to green politics, only you deniers are bad

And the debate over green and energy issues has certainly gotten out of hand on a number of occasions.

The above video (the Joe Manchin shooting the cap and tax bill one), for instance, exuded an unnecessary degree of hostility towards an energy bill that was designed to curb carbon pollution (and the bill was already dead, anyways). Then, of course, there were the rampant comparisons of green policy ideas to socialism — and talk of socialism, of course, was frequently paired with fear-inciting rhetoric. Glenn Beck stirred up fear and hate of environmentalists on a semi-regular basis, even going so far as to call them ‘Hitler Youth’:

Then we get into all sorts of Beck blame, and then

…..Will the national dialogue on green issues be “toned down” as a result of this moment of abject violence?

You alarmists first.

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was, after all, something of a green champion — can we carry on with greater civility in honor of what happened to her?

A sad use of the tragedy to push a political agenda. Interestingly, Brian Merchant, the writer, didn’t bother to mention any un-civility from his side, like, that video where kids are blown up for not believing in man-caused global warming. The calls to censor, jail, and execute “deniers.” And the use of the denier word, designed to elicit a view that not believing in globull warming is the same as not believing in the Holocaust.

And you remember this one, right?

and how about

How about all the insane “globull warming causes snow and if you don’t believe that you’re stupid talk? The Warmists rarely walk the talk, and surely won’t dial back their own rhetoric.

Anyhow, I’ll dial back my harsh words towards the crazier elements of the AGW crowd when they stop trying to enact legislation that controls my life.

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8 Responses to “Treehugger: Can We Now Tone Down The Anti-AGW Rhetoric?”

  1. John Ryan says:

    actually the US Navy is predicting that the Arctic will be ice free in summer by 2020. The self pity Teach of “Mom the bad kids are calling me names again like denier” is not your most outstanding quality. And Teach this was AZ !! you don’t need no stinkin gun license there. Teach in AZ juvies can carry around an unloaded gun.

  2. I noticed you avoided the actual content of the post, John, and you still haven’t answered the question as to whether or not the Arctic will be ice free this year.

  3. John Ryan says:

    Today Canada announced that 2010 was the hottest on record. BUT even though Canada is 40 times the size of the UK by all means lets have more stories about all their snow. Snow in Britain is probably the best argument that global warming is not happening .

  4. gitarcarver says:

    actually the US Navy is predicting that the Arctic will be ice free in summer by 2020.

    You keep saying that Ryan, but the only source you ever cited makes no such claim.

    Today Canada announced that 2010 was the hottest on record.

    And how long is that record, Ryan?

  5. John is on a roll, GT, one that has absolutely nothing to do with the post, and still doesn’t say that the warming is actually Mankind’s fault.

    It’s funny that that same admiral, who claims to speak for the entire Navy, thought in 2007 that an ice free Arctic by 2013 was “too conservative” a prediction:

    I guess the reality didn’t meet his talking points, so, he had to change to 2020. Soon, we will get reports of ice free in 2030. 2040. 2050. Damnit, why won’t globull warming cooperate!!!!!

  6. Adobe Walls says:

    Sometimes when the mother ship is late the calculations must be adjusted.

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