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First Casualty Of Global Warming? Pants

More fun stuff from the Warmists Interest in climate change plummeted last year, says Der Spiegel, and now enviros (er, climate hawks) are trying to use sex and sentiment to reverse that trend. “They’re searching for so-called ‘mind bombs’ — highly emotional images that reduce a complex problem down to one core message,” the German […]

No Such Thing As Death Panels Removed From Obama Medicare Policy

…..even though death panels supposedly do not exist. This is not a repeat from August 2009. The Hill is reporting The Obama administration will remove a brand-new Medicare policy that had reignited the “death panel” debate from last year’s healthcare fight. The provision to be eliminated would have covered end-of-life consultations as part of annual […]

The GOP Takes Control Of The House Today. Obviously, That Has Unhinged The NY Times

There are all sorts of fun stories running around the liberal media today, ones such as this one, which is already proclaiming the GOP is having problems with cohesion. And this one from Time, which wonders if the opening ceremony, which includes “showcasing their fealty to the Constitution,” is making a mockery of ….. something. […]

Did Globull Warming Cause The Haiti Earthquake?

Just because I knew you needed to start off the day with either hysterical laughing or a look of complete and total repulsed shock on your face. I’d suggest going with laughing, because you know what your Mom said about making faces when you were young At the American Geophysical Union meeting late last month, […]

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