First Casualty Of Global Warming? Pants

More fun stuff from the Warmists

Interest in climate change plummeted last year, says Der Spiegel, and now enviros (er, climate hawks) are trying to use sex and sentiment to reverse that trend. “They’re searching for so-called ‘mind bombs’ — highly emotional images that reduce a complex problem down to one core message,” the German mag reports.

Unfortunately, the biggest mind bomb of last year bombed big-time — because it was about blowing up kids.

A bikini-clad researcher posing at the Arctic? Slightly better.

The least the story could have done was provide a photo of a woman wearing a bikini who didn’t look like the typical enviro-weeinie, ie, not looking virtually starved with little muscle tone. I suggest

Yes, yes, I know they are in snow. So is the bikini babe in the picture at the story. Oops! So much for “global warming.”

Thankfully, Der Spiegel also mentions other tactics that could get people to care:

  • Finding a post-Al Gore “climate messiah”
  • Using imagery that’s emotionally charged but not too much of a bummer
  • Turning climate scientists into journalists
  • Dropping the façade of objectivity
  • Breaking climate messaging into digestible nuggets (like forest activists did when they pushed to “save the orangutans” instead of “save the rainforest”)

New strategies are desperately needed because, as filmmaker Randy Olson says, “climate is quite possibly THE most boring subject the science world has ever had to present to the public … This stuff is bo-ho-ho-ring.”

I have a different suggestion: how about actually showing us “the science,” rather than cute little PR stunts?

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3 Responses to “First Casualty Of Global Warming? Pants”

  1. proof says:

    The trouble with “mind bombs” on the part of too many lefties is premature detonation.
    (Their heads ‘splode.)

  2. John Ryan says:

    all the hot chicks believe in BOTH global climate change AND global warming. Sometimes skeptics seem to realize that they have TWO different meanings.

  3. captainfish says:

    is it suddenly getting hot in here .. or is it just me. (granted it could be AGW climate hysteria warming too. anything is possible in fairy land)

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