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Sen. Waffles: Hey, We Can Overcome The Arizona Tragedy With Green Energy!

I looked for something non-AGW related, but, sorry, this one (via Weasel Zippers) is just classic John Kerry Congresswoman ‘s Gabrielle Giffords’ (D-Ariz.) shooting in Tucson, Ariz., last weekend has brought up several questions about the partisan nature of our current political climate. But today Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) said in a speech at the […]

WP Mobile Going Stupid

Not sure what the WordPress Mobile iPhone app is doing, like it is stripping code, and I’m not seeing it correctly on safari with iPhone. I’ll fix the posts when I get to my laptop later

NASA Satellite To Study Global Warming Which They Don’t Understand

As Tom Nelson says, I thought the science was settled? Identifying the source of a particle floating in the atmosphere makes finding a needle in a haystack sound easy. But the robotic probe attached to NASA’s new satellite, named Glory, will do just that from over 400 miles above the Earth’s surface. The satellite will […]

Global Warming Explained, From A Warmist’s POV

Here’s how it works, in Liberal World (via Dakota Voice) Been sitting on this one a few days.

Why, Yes, We Must Cut Our Defense Budget For Globull Warming

From our buddies at Treehugger Okay, so I just finished writing about how it turns out China leapfrogged us last year to become the world leader in installed wind power. I also derided the media (myself included) for harping on the “China’s going to eat our lunch” narrative until we’re blue in the face. But […]

Hit And Run Compares Arizona Rampage To…..Wait, Hit And Run?

Michael C. Moyhnihan produces a whopper of a tale, with all sorts of paranoid and incorrect blamestorming, hours before Obama told people like him to just stop it. Witness the insanity: The Assassin Who Would Save America from the Extreme Right If political rhetoric can inspire murder, then it follows that those issuing warnings about […]

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