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Norway: That’s Super You’re The Norwegian Of The Year. Bye Bye!

They’re really not too keen on illegals in Norway The decision to deport Madina Salamova, 25, has sparked a nationwide debate about Norway’s immigration laws, triggered public protests, and put the country’s centre-left government on the defensive. The girl, who is better known under her literary pseudonym ‘Maria Amelie’, moved to Norway in 2003 with […]

Next Front In Globull Warming Science? Lawsuits

Actually, I would love to see them try this: they’d have to pony up actual science (well, mostly. John Edwards’ junk science lawsuits, which made him one the uber rich the Left supposedly hates, was possible by sympathetic juries) From being a marginal and even mocked issue, climate-change litigation is fast emerging as a new […]

Hey, Ladies, To Save Gaia, Use Tampons Like It Is 1499

One of Ask Umbra’s readers is concerned about the OB non-applicator tampons disappearing from shelves. The response is a bloody mess I’m so glad you wrote, Liza. Happy to be your guide to a more sustainable red tide. Some are calling it a Tampocalypse. But seriously, let’s not get overly alarmed. Sometimes disappearing tampons happen […]

Era Of Civility: You Should Be Livid About Climate Change If You’re Under 25

Well, it looks like young people, at least in the U.K., care more about their body image and other things, rather than globull warming, but, hey, they should live their lives like perpetually pissed off teenagers, according to Grist “Generation Hot” is the 2 billion or so young people who will be stuck dealing with […]

2011 SOTU: Style Over Substance

So reports The Politico: State of the union forecast: Atmospherics over policy When President Barack Obama steps into the House chamber Tuesday to deliver his second State of the Union address, ambience will trump substance. In his speech, the president will talk about jobs, the deficit and the future of the nation’s troubled economy, but […]

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