Northeast Digging Out From Big Blast Of Globull Warming

Look, I’m not saying that global warming, primarily caused by natural forces, hasn’t happened. I’ve said and written this time and time again. What I am saying is that nature does what nature wants to do, and that all this massive blasts of winter, the stagnation of temperatures, and everything else that is occurring doesn’t meet what the alarmists said was going to happen by their computer models. Which is why, of course, the Warmists have rebranded it as “climate change,” and are digging hard to come up with weird explanations. Anyhow

A two-stage winter storm struck, paused, gathered its breath and delivered a crippling blow to the Northeast early Thursday, dumping more than a foot of snow, closing airports and schools, stranding commuters and shattering January records.

Even before the storm started walloping the region overnight, the National Weather Service had estimated that more than 37 inches of snow — almost double the winter average — had fallen in Central Park this winter. The overnight storms broke January snowfall records for Central Park, Newark, LaGuardia Airport, Bridgeport and Islip, the Weather Service said Thursday morning.

In addition to the 19 inches in Central Park, the heaviest totals included 19 inches in Clifton, N.J.; 18.5 inches in North Haven, Conn.; 18.9 at Newark airport; and 16.5 inches in Northport, N.Y., on Long Island, the Weather Service said.

Obviously, someone drove a Hummer and caused all this. Probably…Pam Geller. Anyhow, NYC is on a pace to come close, or beat, the record of 76 inches of snow globull warming set during the 1995-1996 winter, and

Another fact that you might chew on during the next storm: three of the top 10 snowiest months in New York City’s history have all occurred in the last few years.

Then you get

The region has already been pummeled by winter not even halfway into the season. Nineteen inches of snow fell on New York City atop the 36 inches it had already seen so far this winter; the city typically sees just 21 inches for the whole season.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said it was the “snowiest” January since the city started keeping records, besting 27.4 inches set in 1925. The accumulation was about twice the amount that had been predicted, he said.

My goodness! Then we switch to Tennessee

On Wednesday, many West Tennesseans followed an increasingly routine checklist as they dug their way out of the third snowfall in less than three weeks and the fifth measurable snowfall this winter.

A local meteorologist who has studied climate change for more than a decade says the frequent snowfalls and cold temperatures may become the new normal for the area.

The story then follows the predictable pattern of blaming the melting Arctic for cold and stuff. Obviously, it couldn’t have anything to do with nature simply changing, as it has done for billions of years. Nope, has to be Mankind’s release of greenhouse gases.

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2 Responses to “Northeast Digging Out From Big Blast Of Globull Warming”

  1. Doomed says:

    Look to the oceans. Keep an eye on the Thermohaline.

    It is here that everyone believes the temperature of the earth is dictated. The changing Thermoclines will bring about abrupt shifts in the Thermohaline causing a rapid shift into global cooling and a new ice age.

    Its in the ice core samples. The onset of ice ages is dynamically fast…sometimes only encompassing only a few decades.

    It is there….everyone should turn their eyes to the oceans…..they will tell us when we can expect the next ice age.


    Matter can be neither created nor destroyed….we are simply burning carbon that was already here…stored during the last several ice ages. The earth is a self contained hydro ball. All we have is here…the earth itself simply deals with massive co2 build up by sequestering it and there is nothing man can do about it.

    AGW is of course nothing but the redistribution of wealth. Now as far as pollution? By all means…lets fix that. But the rest?

    We are at the planets wims.

  2. captainfish says:

    Time to break out those scientific consensus ideas from the 1970’s on how to stave off the next ice age. Time to increase soot production, spraying the ice sheets black, and causing lava to release in the artic and antartic to warm the waters.

    Oh, and don’t forget about the huge solar mirror to reflect sunlight back on to the earth to increase the amount of insolation.

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