Graffiti Threatens Ca. Gov. Jerry Brown With Death On Valentine’s Day

Obviously, this is the work of the TEA Party/Conservatives

Both Santa Ana police and Gov. Jerry Brown’s security detail on Friday are trying find out who wrote graffiti on two walls threatening to kill the new governor on Valentine’s Day.

The graffiti, which threatened the governor and included a Nazi swastika, was discovered Thursday and is considered a “terrorist threat.” Authorities are also probing any links to earlier graffiti in the area threating to kill Catholics.

One of the scrawls said, “We gonna kill Gov. Brown 2/14/11,” and was discovered by a resident about 7 a.m. on a block wall on South Greenville Street near Alton Avenue, Bertagna said. The threat was sprayed with black paint.

Later in the day, a Santa Ana police officer spotted the second message on a block wall on Segerstrom Avenue. Painted in red, it said, “26 more days 4 Brown.” A swastika was painted next to it, Bertagna said.

Gotta love how they immediately label it a “terrorist threat,” rather than a criminal one, which would make sense in Los Angeles. But, no

Rob: You know this was a Republican or Tea Party person who wrote this

See? So simple. But….

Peter: Odd that Santa Ana, an 80-90% Hispanic immigrant city with a large latino gang problem, displays death threats against Gov Brown using a swastika. I wonder if the Santa Ana latino gangs are mad at Brown because he is cutting down/cutting off welfare handouts to the large impoverished Hispanic immigrant community in SA. I do not think there is one Hitler worshipper nor white power advocate skin head individual in entire city of SA, and that the latino gangs are using the swastika as a diversionary white power symbol to deflect Police investigations. Just a theory

In fact, it wasn’t an actual swastika, which turns the other way.

H Smith: Thats not a swastika, it’s an aztec symbol. The swawstika has arms in the oposite direction.

Conversely, it could have been miss-drawn by a moron. Still, all you Reich-wingers are to blame, with Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck leading the way. Or something like that.

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12 Responses to “Graffiti Threatens Ca. Gov. Jerry Brown With Death On Valentine’s Day”

  1. captainfish says:

    Wait, I thought that he, as a lovable Democrat and huggable Liberal, that everyone loves him? Especially the poor minority?

    Maybe it was the Right Wing Hate machine that convinced these people that this humane and honorable liberal was actually an anti-human Republican?!?!

  2. Adobe Walls says:

    Technically it’s still a swastika just not a Nazi swastika. That paint is going to be tough to get off that split face block. I agree that it’s probably an Aztec swastika obviously the work of Manic Progressives.

  3. Kevin says:

    Seriously, if that was intentionally drawn as an Aztec Symbol then I am the Queen of England. More than likely, this is a moron that didn’t know what a swastika looks like.

  4. captainfish says:

    well, at least we know the area’s educational system hasn’t completely collapsed…… the person can still count.

  5. Adobe Walls says:

    Well Your Majesty, one cannot discount the possibility that the perps have seen more Aztec symbols than Nazi symbols given the priorities of the Manic Progressive Moonbats controlling education these days.

  6. Queen of England says:

    I’ll go ahead and discount it. I confiscated more then 2 dozen papers with this same incorrectly drawn symbol in the first week of teaching at an at risk school. They all thought it was a Nazi symbol. I then spent the next two months teaching them about the Holocaust. They didn’t even know what a Nazi was, they just thought it was cool to draw it.

    I agree that education is not what it used to be, but when parents don’t give a damn there isn’t much influence you can have over kids. Throw all the money in the world into education and it isn’t going to matter until the parents start taking responsibility as well.

  7. Trish says:

    All Hail the Queen of England!
    Brilliant assessment of our educational system.

  8. mojo says:

    “You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred.”
    — Super Chicken

  9. mojo says:

    Oh, an AZTEC symbol.

    That’ll come as news to the scores of North American tribes that used it for several thousand years…

  10. Adobe Walls says:

    Aztecs lived in Mexico which is part of North America. Just because a symbol was an Aztec symbol or a Nazi symbol for that matter doesn’t mean another people, culture, country, political movement or hate group can’t use the same symbol.

  11. john says:

    Teach each state has their own way of identifying illegal acts. In CA threats against ANYONE including say family members are deemed to be “terrorist threats” it has no political meaning

  12. captainfish says:

    Yeah, Teach.
    I had neighbors call the cops on me the other day and I was charged with making terroristic threats. I couldn’t believe it. I know it was wrong, but that stupid plant up and died on me. I HAD to yell at it. All the time and effort I put in to that stupid selfish plant. It DIED!!

    Didn’t even give me the satisfaction of staying alive long enough so that it could feel it when I RIPPED it out of its bed….. (sigh)

    I am hoping the judge will see it my way and just cite me with “making aggressive and not-friendly statements” toward another sentient being.

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