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Double Bat Shit Crazy

Will The Atlantic ever stop Teh Cwazy? He already went there once, now Excitable Andy goes for his second Trig Trutherism post of the day Why does Sarah Palin refuse to prove that her baby – the baby that has been a campaign prop for two months – is actually one she gave birth to? […]

Mischief Night Vid: Fraidy Cat

When PETA Is In Public, Could They At Least Work Out First?

OK, that really doesn’t have anything to do with the actual story, but, seriously, would it be so difficult for the PETA babes who go out in public wearing lettuce to be those who understand exercise? Though, I suppose cottage cheese does go with lettuce. Anyhow In the name of “tolerance,” People for the Ethical […]

Obama Hung In Effigy, Liberals Freak Out

Gotta love the double standard. The Halloween display of Sarah Palin hung in effigy was A-OK, almost no one on the Left complained. But, now, horror!!!!! Obama Effigies Strung Up in Kentucky and Indiana Barack Obama effigies turned up Wednesday on the University of Kentucky campus and in a front yard in Indiana, as federal […]

More Peaceful Reactions From The RoP Over Art

Shocking, simply shocking. I did not expect this from the RoP: Gallery attacked over ‘insulting’ artworks A gallery showing inflammatory images of veiled Muslims, including a bare-breasted woman partially clad in a burqa, is under police surveillance after being attacked earlier this week. Windows and doors at the SaLon Gallery in west London were smashed […]

Milky Loads Is At It Again

Fucking lunatic Jeffrey Goldberg wants to know what the LA Times is hiding. I’d like to know what the Palin campaign is hiding as well. We have yet to see any medical records, let alone those documenting her mysterious “pregnancy“, and we have yet to have this candidate give a press conference. and That’s when […]

ACORN’s Latest Hits: Another Whistleblower And More Obama Links

So, what is happening in the world of ACORN? ACORN knew of fraudulent voter registration forms, ex-employee of Project Vote says A former employee of an affiliate of ACORN testified Wednesday that the community group now in the national spotlight knew that most new voter registration forms it had gathered were fraudulent. “Forty percent was […]

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