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A Guy’s Guide To Zombies

McCain Camp: Obama Campaign Criminalizes Political Differences

ARLINGTON, VA — Today, McCain-Palin 2008 Spokesman Ben Porritt issued the following statement in response to the Obama campaign’s letter to Attorney General Michael Mukasey: “After a week of shifting stories and clumsy corrections regarding Barack Obama’s connections to ACORN, the Obama campaign resorted to their now-customary heavy handed tactic of attempting to criminalize political […]

Good News! Bikinis Now Allowed In Indonesia!

No longer considered p0rn, Indonesia Allows Bikini After months of discussions, Indonesian lawmakers have agreed that bikinis are acceptable attire for beaches in the world’s most populous Muslim country. “Tourists will be able to wear bikinis in special tourist areas, such as in Bali, so Indonesia’s tourism industry won’t be hurt by this legislation,” Democrat […]

Journalistic Malpractice:WP Wonders About McCain’s Cancer

It was atrocious enough when the New York Times came out with their “just wondering” story in March about John McCain’s past bouts of cancer and whether it could return. Now, with 17 days to go till the election, the Washington Post does them one better. Questions Linger About McCain’s Prognosis After Skin Cancer  In May, the […]

Why We Shouldn’t Worry About Iran Getting The Bomb

There is certainly some anxiety about Iran developing a nuclear bomb creation ability of their own. What would they do with it? Would they use it responsibly as a deterent, like France has always done with its tiny nuclear weapons stockpile? Or, will they use them against Israel? Or another Middle Eastern country? Europe? America? […]

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