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Grey Lady: It’s Hard To Find A Good War Photo In Iraq Now

A very interesting story, and a good read, of the differences between Baghdad 2004 and Baghdad 2008 Eight hours earlier while I had coffee that morning, I talked to our security adviser about where I might photograph that day. When war was in full rumble we just planned to cover the worst of conflict on […]

Excitable Andy Brings Up “Palin’s 5th Pregnancy” Again

Bat-shit crazy She won’t release any medical records, and has a good chance of becoming president without ever giving a real press conference in a campaign. Mark Salter, the literary giant most responsible for creating the McCain myth, thinks I’m out of my “fucking mind” to ponder the story Palin has told about her fifth […]

Aside: Mark Foley Endorses

Jammie Wearing Fool: Obama gets the all important Mark Foley endorsement

Aside: 5 percent

Right Wing News: 5 percent solution

Illegals Today: Rapists And Supreme Court On Identity Theft

Just raping Americans that Americans won’t Auburn Police say an illegal alien living in the city has been charged with rape. Arturo Lorenzo Juan Bautista, 31, of Maple Street, a native of Guatemala has been charged with first degree rape. How soon till the pro-illegal supporters trot out their old “but, Americans rape people too!” […]

How’s Election Fraud In Ohio Looking?

It’s looking super! Glitches fill Ohio voter rolls In Hamilton County, 17 people are registered to vote from riverfront addresses south of Mehring Way – places with street numbers that would put their homes somewhere in the Ohio River. Another 46 voters are registered at addresses that would put their homes in the middle of […]

AGW Today: WWF Chicken Littles Go For Broke

Hey, gotta keep those donations up somehow. God forbid they concentrate on actually and simply trying to conserve wildlife. Climate change accelerating far beyond the IPCC forecast, WWF says Climate change is happening much faster than the world’s best scientists predicted and will wreak havoc unless action is taken on a global scale, a new […]

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