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Gee, Maybe We Should Use The Words Jihad And Islamist

Uh huh, 7 years later, and some sanity might be prevailing A U.S. military “Red Team” charged with challenging conventional thinking says that words like “jihad” and “Islamist” are needed in discussing 21st-century terrorism and that federal agencies that avoid the words soft-pedaled the link between religious extremism and violent acts. “We must reject the […]

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Raids City Hall

Have y’all heard about this one? A late-night raid of City Hall and the Main Library here by 60 heavily armed sheriff’s deputies and posse members searching for illegal immigrants has escalated tensions between city officials and the county sheriff, who ordered the raid. The operation took place at 2 a.m. on Thursday, timed to […]

An “Ugly” Reception For Obama In North Carolina

Borganomic politics from The Politico Barack Obama’s stop at Cape Fear BBQ and Chicken in Fayetteville, N.C., this afternoon underscored the continued resistance of some voters to his candidacy — and his identity. The trip, according to a pool report, offered “some powerful and at times ugly interaction.” Resistance? Why do I get flashbacks to […]

What’s Wrong With Spreading The Wealth?

That is the question that The New Republic asks, and attempts to answer. After six paragraphs of leadup and discussing John McCain, the writers finally get to their defense of spreading the wealth But let’s get back to this apparently controverisal phrase–which, I gather, is going to remain prominent in McCain’s campaign rhetoric over the […]

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