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Let’s Play Guess The Party Affi….Huh? They Mentioned It?

Apparently, the big wigs at ABC News are sloshed today. How did they allow this? Congressman’s $121,000 Payoff to Alleged Mistress: Tim Mahoney Elected to Remove ‘Ethical Cloud’ of His Disgraced Predecessor, Mark Foley West Palm Beach Congressman Tim Mahoney (D-FL), whose predecessor resigned in the wake of a sex scandal, agreed to a $121,000 […]

Unhinged Barry Supporters Wear T-Shirts Calling Palin C..t

Susan at Wake Up America brings us a lovely story about how civil the Obama supporters are. She recieved a photo with some background in her email I was at a Sarah Palin event in Philadelphia, at the Park Hyatt Hotel – late Saturday afternoon (Oct. 11th). If you are easily grossed out by the […]

AGW Happenings: Indoctrination, Moving Animals, Moving People

Creating more climazombies A GROUP of Scarborough students learned all about their carbon footprint at a recent roadshow in Scarborough. The Carbon Footprint Roadshow, run by BP, called at George Pindar Community Sports College in Moor Lane, Eastfield. Its aim was to raise awareness about issues surrounding global warming and the students took part in […]

Illegal Alien Today: Enforcement Baaaaaaaad!

As is typical, the media is slyly pushing the “why are we hassling these poor immigrants?” meme, starting with the Washington Post: Frederick’s Uneasy Crackdown – Enforcement Policy For Illegal Immigration Raises Ethics Questions (no, really, that is the headline) In the six months since the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office began working closely with federal immigration […]

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