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Where’s The ACLU When U Need Them? Mo And Iran

Think the ACLU, and the other civil and human rights groups, will rush to get involved? U.S. student arrested in Tehran while working on thesis project Officials in the United States are looking into the recent arrest of an Iranian-American student in Tehran who was working on a research project on women’s rights in Iran. […]

And Rightly So! Is Moving

Hey there. For all those who are fans and friends of And Rightly So!, Raven passed on that she and her mates over there are currently in the process of moving to a different host. SiteGround did them wrong. So, stay tuned, they should be back up in a day or two. They are trying Dreamhost. […]

How’s ACORN Doing In Pa.?

It’s business as usual Delaware County (Pa.) authorities yesterday arrested a former employee of the activist group ACORN on felony theft and forgery charges for allegedly submitting dozens of phony voter-registration applications. Jemar Barksdale, 34, of Chester, while employed by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, submitted 18 fraudulent forms using the names of […]

Oh, Good, Another “Southerners Are Racists” Story

And from the same trash paper that published a screed by Charlie Brooker calling for the assassination of W if he won in 2004. Beer drinkers for Obama: Many southerners are leaving behind the region’s racist history and embracing the idea of a black president I was headed into my local grocer in Durham, North […]

LA Times Does Hatchet Job On Fort Dix 6 Informants

You have to wonder what bearing this has on the case itself. Is the LA Times trying to create sympathy for the Fort Dix 6 over the scumbag status of 2 FBI informants? One is a bankrupt convicted felon who spewed venomous hatred about the United States, hooked up an alleged terrorist cell with semiautomatic […]

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