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Videos And Facts Up At John McCain’s Spot

Check out some of the vids (one is on my sidebar) from the debate, as well as fact checking Biden at John McCain’s spot.

Post VP Debate Roundup

Head on over to Stop The ACLU for my quick thoughts and a post debate roundup from around the Interwebz. Easier then trying to update on three sites.

Obey Your Master Barry!

Yikes! From Violet Blue (NSFW) We just had our famous, huge leather pride festival Folsom Street Fair here in San Francisco (yesterday), and the above versions of lovely leather pride spinoff Obama / Shepard Fairey paste-ups started appearing… Fairey has a show in town right now, though no word yet if he’s behind the prank. […]

Poor Mo Dowd, Kicked Off The McCain Plane

I never did get around to actually posting this Firedoglakemeltdown about poor Mo Dowd being booted from John McCain’s plane, but, Ed Morrissey picks it up from the unhinged Pittsburg Post Gazette Add Maureen Dowd, the Pulitzer-winning columnist for the NY Times, to the list of media types who have fallen out bitterly with John McCain. The McCain […]

Say, Has The Surge Really Worked?

I’m waiting with bated breathe for the big boys in the Credentialed Media to cover this story. I like looking blue U.S. monthly combat casualties are down 86 percent from where they were a year ago for September, making it one of the least deadly months since the war began, according to a CNSNews.com analysis […]

Sarah Palin’s A Great Governor, Isn’t She?

The New York Times took on Joe Biden in my previous post, painting him as a great guy who just wants to give his family a good life in a pleasant, beautiful domicile. How do they treat Sarah Palin? Let’s check the headline: As Governor, Palin Has Focused on Developing State’s Resources. The underlying premise […]

Joe Biden’s Just A Great Guy, Isn’t He?

Ask yourself if you have ever seen an article this nice about Sarah Palin by the Grey Lady. Ask yourself why this artice just happens to come out the day of the VP debates. A bit of Biden Luv from the New York Times: An Everyman on the Trail, With Perks at Home For the […]

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