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Today’s Illegal Alien Sob Story-From South Carolina

Sniffle When Magdalana Domingo Ramirez Lopez moved to this South Carolina city nearly two years ago to work at the chicken processing plant, she felt at home. On weekends, the neighborhood near House of Raeford’s plant was filled with the sounds of salsa music and the scents of Guatemalan cooking. She would shop with her […]

Dana Milbank Provides Funny Whine, Plus Palin Today

(Washington Post) The couple hundred guests, said by local press accounts to have given $10,000 per ticket, were in an air-conditioned tent. Your pool was held outside. (Temperature: 87; Accuweather “RealFeel” temperature: 106.) Guests dined on steak salad and fruit tart, sipping white and red wine. Your pool [reporters] did not. Woah! Massive seething by someone […]

The Worst Result Of Global Warming Ever!

This is horrible. Terrible. Tragic. We need to do something immediately to stop global warming. I am now a believer. They have converted me. Let’s get on the ball, folks, and stop the output of CO2, otherwise, we will lose a precious commodity Haggis is at risk of dying out due to of global warming. […]

Las Vegas Offices Of ACORN Raided

Shocking! A Liberal group engaged in voter fraud? How can that possibly be. The Brad Blog keeps telling me it is all in my mind, it is minimal, and that it is pretty much all the fault of Republicans Nevada state authorities seized records and computers Tuesday from the Las Vegas office of an organization […]

Obama States Bush Has Made Us “More Safe”

From one of the latter questions during the debate, Brokaw: How can we apply pressure to Russia for humanitarian issues in an effective manner without starting another Cold War? asked of John McCain first, Barack Obama had this to say (slight snark from Brokow included) Brokaw: Sen. Obama? We’re winding down, so if we can keep track […]

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