Dana Milbank Provides Funny Whine, Plus Palin Today

(Washington Post) The couple hundred guests, said by local press accounts to have given $10,000 per ticket, were in an air-conditioned tent. Your pool was held outside. (Temperature: 87; Accuweather “RealFeel” temperature: 106.) Guests dined on steak salad and fruit tart, sipping white and red wine. Your pool [reporters] did not.

Woah! Massive seething by someone who……didn’t pay $10,000. What makes Milbank think he is entitled to dine on steak salad and fruit tart inside? Entitled, baby, entitled! We are The Media!

SarahCuda talks with The Times

After more than a month on the campaign trail, Gov. Sarah Palin has finally taken questions from her traveling press corps.

The very brief press conference occurred on a flight from Pensacola, Fla., to Greenville, N.C., when Ms. Palin walked back into the press cabin without any warning, accompanied by her spokeswoman, Tracey Schmitt.

She worked her way back row by row, shaking hands with each reporter and saying “Nice to meet you!” to each one.

Then she answered questions on the state of the race, on the relevance of William Ayers, on the state investigation in Alaska centered on her husband, Todd, and on the recent negative campaigning.

Then she said “pull!” 🙂

The dude who hacked Palin’s email has been indicted by Los Federales. More details at Michelle Malkin’s spot, Patterico, and The Jawa Report

Palin is the 10th cousin of Princess Diana.

Thomas Freidman has an issue with Palin’s type of patriotism.

Excitable Andy points to a “disturbing video” regarding Palin’s sessessionist motives. I thought it appropriate to end this short post the way it started: with a massive seething whiner.

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  2. Suspect in hacking of Palin email account indicted…

    And who might the suspect be? David Kernell, the son of Tennessee Democrat Mike Kernell. From the Knoxville News Sentinel (via Michelle Malkin):…

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