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Religious Celebration On NC Government Property-Where’s The ACLU?

The story Today marks the climactic end of the month-long Ramadan fast as thousands of Muslims from across the Triangle gathered for congregational prayers at the State Fairgrounds Exposition Center in Raleigh. The occasion, known as Eid al-Fitr (EED al FIH-trr), the happiest day of the Muslim year, is a celebration of the spiritual sacrifice […]

A Tale Of Two Speeches

First, Barack Obama I know that many of you are feeling anxiety right now – about your jobs, about your homes, about your life savings.  But I also know this – I know that we can steer ourselves out of this crisis. Because that’s who we are.  Because this is the United States of America.  […]

Aside: Biased VP Debate Moderator

The moderator for the VP debate is biased and in the tank for Obama? No, can’t be. Stop The ACLU has the 411

New Plugin-Daikos Youtube Widget

An interesting little plugin, Daikos Youtube Widget, which allows one to embed Youtube vid’s on the sidebar in one of two ways: either just as a tiny vid (I have mine set to 170 pixels wide), or, by using the Thickbox plugin that comes with, you can have them pop up. I am avoiding using […]

Illegal Immigration Today: 1150, Gangs, And Lack Of Data

They are having fun in the free-wheeling, party on the beach (oops, sorry, climate change has stopped those) State of California In the biggest action of its kind, federal immigration agents have arrested more than 1,150 people statewide in raids targeting illegal immigrants who ignored deportation orders. Buh bye. You know there were some whiners, though, right? But […]

Grey Lady Breaks Down Biden And Palin Debate Styles

The headlines of both articles gives a good idea of where the Times wants to push the reader. We’ll start with Sarah Palin, then get to the Gaffe Master after the jump Past Debates Show a Confident Palin, at Times Fluent but Often Vague Not since Dan Quayle took the stage in 1988 have debate […]

Free Money For Soldiers Angels-Sticky Post

You know you want to give. But, you can give and it isn’t even your money. Easy ’nuff? Go to Squidoo. Scroll down. Pick the charity you want to give to. A charity say, like, Soldiers Angels. Your vote is worth $2. Squidoo has $80,000 to give away, and they will give $2 per vote to […]

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