A Tale Of Two Speeches

First, Barack Obama

I know that many of you are feeling anxiety right now – about your jobs, about your homes, about your life savings.  But I also know this – I know that we can steer ourselves out of this crisis. Because that’s who we are.  Because this is the United States of America.  This is a nation that has faced down war and depression; great challenges and great threats.  And at each and every moment, we have risen to meet these challenges – not as Democrats, not as Republicans, but as Americans.  With resolve.  With confidence.  With that fundamental belief that here in America, our destiny is not written for us, but by us.  That’s who we are, and that’s the country we need to be right now.  

Now, McCain

This is a moment of great testing. At such moments, there are those on both sides of this debate who will act on principle. Of course, there are always some who think first of their own interests, who calculate their own advantage instead of rushing to the aid of their country. But in the case of this bill, I am confident there are enough people of good will in both parties to help see America through this crisis. And when the last vote is cast, we can be grateful to all of them — Democrats and Republicans alike — for helping to solve the crisis instead of merely exploiting it.

Crises often have a way of revealing our better selves — of showing what we are made of, and how much we can achieve when we are put to the test. This is true as well of the grave challenges we face in Washington. Yet it should not require extreme emergencies — when the future of our entire economy is on the line — to bring out the best in us, or to bring us together in service to the common good. We are supposed to do that even in the calmest of times. And if we worked together more often in that spirit, perhaps there would be fewer crises, close-calls, and near-disasters confronting our nation.

I believe in low taxes; spending discipline, and open markets. I believe in rewarding hard work and letting people keep the fruits of their labor. We will keep the current low tax rates. We will simplify the current tax code. We will double the child exemption from 3500 dollars to 7000 dollars. We will give every family a 5000 dollar tax credit to buy their own health insurance or keep their current plan, and we will open up the national health-care market to expand choices and improve quality. And my administration will reduce the price of food by eliminating the subsidies for ethanol and agricultural goods. These subsidies inflate the price of food, not only for Americans but for people in poverty across the world, and I propose to abolish them.

I believe in a government that unleashes the creativity and initiative of Americans, so they can create more jobs and keep our economy growing. So we will cut business taxes from 35 percent to 25 percent, to give American businesses a new edge in competition. We will spur new investment through R&D tax credits and expensing of equipment. And we will protect the right of workers to decide for themselves, by democratic vote, whether to unionize.

What you see there are the most positive portions of each man’s speech today, or, in Obama’s case, the only positive portion. McCain has a fundemental belief, through his words and actions, in the ability of the American People, the America spirit, to stand up and get ‘er done! He sees’ government as a way to clear some roadblocks, as a means to enable people who need it. Obama see’s government as the entity that will kiss your boo boo and make it all better.

If you read both transcripts in full, you tell me who you think is positive and who see’s only misery.

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