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Sullivan Goes For The Trig Birth Records (Again)

Well known bat-sh*t crazy Internet tool, Excitable Andy, aka Milky Loads(you probably do not want to click the link), takes more (standard) shots at McCain’s medical records and the dire, all-important need for Trig Palin’s birth records McCain refuses to allow his medical records to be viewed in full by professionals at length. His running mate, […]

Things That Annoy Muslims: Seeing More Then One Eye

The latest bit from the Religion Of Peace is up at Still Stacy. Here’s a teaser Saudi cleric favours one-eye veil. The two-eyed look remains too seductive for Sheikh Habadan. Indeed.

AGW Today: Cattle Burps, Eating Habits, And Missing Children

Burps? BURPS? What about far….. That cattle herd sitting in the middle of the road, contently chewing away as you honk, is not just traffic nuisance. Research has revealed that cattle belching is speeding up global warming as well! Methane, which ruminating animals like cattle and sheep emit during their digestive cycle when they belch, […]

Aside: PDS Alert

Yet another attack on Palin for her baby “IT.” See Michelle M.

Palin Goes For Jugular In Florida

Washington Post Palin went on to say that “Obama held one of the first meetings of his political career in Bill Ayers’s living room, and they’ve worked together on various projects in Chicago.” Here, Palin began to connect the dots. “These are the same guys who think that patriotism is paying higher taxes — remember […]

Barry Campaign In Two Paragraphs

I wonder if the BBC intentionally encapsulated the Barry campaign in two paragraphs US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has attacked John McCain’s links to a 1980s financial scandal. He also accused his Republican rival of being more focused on running a smear campaign than on fixing the US economy. So, go and attack McCain […]

Election Fraud Minimal, Says Baltimore Democrat Sun

After 8 years of listening to the massive whining from Democrats and their supporters about Bush having stolen the 2000 election, calling him the pResident, then claiming the GOP stole the 2004 election, issues that have never stopped being a cause to make Liberals wacko, we get this from Cynthia Tucker at the Baltimore Sun (she […]

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