Sullivan Goes For The Trig Birth Records (Again)

Well known bat-sh*t crazy Internet tool, Excitable Andy, aka Milky Loads(you probably do not want to click the link), takes more (standard) shots at McCain’s medical records and the dire, all-important need for Trig Palin’s birth records

McCain refuses to allow his medical records to be viewed in full by professionals at length. His running mate, for the first time in modern American history, refuses to hold a press conference, will not release even her college transcript, and refuses to provide any objective record of the birth of Trig Palin. I mean: is McCain kidding?

Seriously, what business is this of this unhinged fucktard? Is there anyone of adult age running The Atlantic anymore, or, are they all juveniles sniffing Mom’s toe polish remover and playing with their sister’s undies? Sullivan is the same guy who whine about privacy when he got caught with his milky loads solicitation. Andy needs to really see someone about his Trig fetish. :[

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4 Responses to “Sullivan Goes For The Trig Birth Records (Again)”

  1. Duncan says:

    I find it hard to believe that Sullivan tries to paint himself as somehow conservative. I saw him the other night on the hack Bill Maher’s HBO show, and compared to the other guests, I guess he could be conservative. Just like anyone to the right of Lenin could be considered… er.. conservative. The guy is a douche. One covered with milkyloads. But thats what you get when you’ve got powerglutes L-) …

  2. He actually has the audacity to promote his books now and then, like he would even know what the conservative soul is anymore.

  3. PalinBaby Question says:

    Here’s two websites that are collecting information about the question of who are Trig’s parents

  4. PalinBaby Question says:

    Here are two thoughtful sites that are trying to collect and publish information on the (still open) question of who are the parents of Trig Palin:

    or if you have to “copy and paste:”

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