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View From The Balcony

Nothing like some good old fashioned PTO. Been awhile since I saw the beach, and like 15 years since I was at the Outer Banks Click for full size

Oh Noes! St. Andrews Could Be Killed By AGW!

Heartache for all golfers The world’s most famous golf course could crumble into the North Sea by the middle of this century, according to a climate change expert. Professor Jan Bebbington, director of the St Andrews Sustainability Institute, visualises a town where locals remember with sorrow the last Open played on the Old Course, the […]

ACORN Under Investigation In Ohio

But, but, but, they are such a good organization, and the fraud is so little!!!!! Election officials in Ohio’s most populous county have called on the prosecuting attorney to investigate alleged voter registration fraud by the community organizing group ACORN. The bipartisan Cuyahoga County Board of Elections voted unanimously Monday to ask prosecutor Bill Mason […]

Grey Lady Still Pushing Race Meme, With PDS

And is nice enough to position the people in Flyover state West Virginia as complete racists. Perhaps they should turn to the senior Senator from West Virginia for his opinion (NY Times) Senator Barack Obama lost the Ohio Democratic primary by 10 percentage points and the West Virginia primary by a whopping 40 points last […]

Iran: Bribing Iraq And Snubbing “That One”

Well, I can find this story in international papers, and small U.S. ones, but, none of the big U.S. news sources, other then the Washington Post. I wonder why? The commander of US military forces in Iraq has accused Iran of trying to bribe Iraqi legislators into rejecting a security deal with the US. Gen […]

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