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Arrogant Detroit Mayor Sentenced To Jail

Kwame Kilpatrick, former mayor of Detroit, party affiliation unkown, was sentenced 120 days in jail, no early release, and has to provide $1 million in restitution to the city. No idea if one of his good friends, Barry Obama, will disown him. Good thing the story is in the crime section, unlike the stories of […]

Aside: Camp McCain Demands Video Release

Stop The ACLU: McCain Demands LA TIMES Release Video of Obama at Party for Palestinian Activist

New Film Respecting Islam Coming

It probably won’t cause riots and the burning of McDonald’s, though “The Messenger of Peace“, to be shot around the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, was originally a 1977 Hollywood film made by Moustapha Akkad and starring Anthony Quinn. It is often applauded by Muslims as an example of how commercial Western cinema can […]

Illegals: Killing Cops Americans Won’t

What is there to say? According to Phoenix Police, Salvador Vivas-Diaz admitted to being in the country illegally after he T-boned his vehicle into Officer Shane Figueroa’s patrol car. Phoenix Police Officer Shane Figueroa was driving on patrol through the South Mountain Precinct heading northbound on 19th Ave. That’s when police say Salvador Vivas-Diaz turned […]

Global Warming Today: Boy, It’s, Er….Cold?

Chicken Littleism I understand that the economy is in trouble, but if the climate crisis is not taken seriously, as well, then the economy issues won’t matter. We are currently past the worst-case scenario predicted by scientists 10 years ago. We see it happening everywhere, from the Arctic to our own backyards. This election, when […]

Obama Donor Authorized Investigation Into Joe’s Background

To follow up on the story where several Ohio agencies did investigations into the background of Joe The Plumber, we get Ohio’s inspector general is investigating why a state agency director approved checking the state child-support computer system for information on “Joe the Plumber.” Helen Jones-Kelly, director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family […]

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