Illegals: Killing Cops Americans Won’t

What is there to say?

According to Phoenix Police, Salvador Vivas-Diaz admitted to being in the country illegally after he T-boned his vehicle into Officer Shane Figueroa’s patrol car.

Phoenix Police Officer Shane Figueroa was driving on patrol through the South Mountain Precinct heading northbound on 19th Ave. That’s when police say Salvador Vivas-Diaz turned left and T-boned Officer Figueroa at the intersection of Roeser Rd.

“He told officers at the scene that he was in this country illegally. He was also suspected of being under the influence of alcohol,” says Phoenix Police Sgt. Andy Hill. “He does have, in addition, four warrants for his arrest under another name, which he admitted were his.”

That other identity that Vivas-Diaz gave to police was Jose Gonzalez. Vivas-Diaz was booked for manslaughter in Officer Figueroa’s death and aggravated assault for the injuries of a passenger inside his truck. He was also booked for the four previous warrants.

Officer Figueroa was 25 years old. He leaves behind a wife and a three-month-old baby girl. “It’s a real tragedy for not only the Phoenix Police Department and his family, but for the whole community,” says Sgt. Hill.

And last week,

The police catch roughly 7,000 people a month trying to avoid paying fares; about 400 of them turn out to be the subjects of arrest warrants. Some of those caught have a lot to lose, and on Tuesday, a 32-year-old man who tried to beat a fare in a Queens subway station shot and wounded two police officers who attempted to arrest him — using one officer’s gun to do so.

The man, Raul Alfonso Nuñez, is an ex-convict who was deported in 1998 for a narcotics violation and apparently feared being deported again, the police said.

One of the officers, Jason Maass, 28, who was shot in the back below his bullet-resistant vest, was released from Elmhurst Hospital Center after being treated. The other, Shane Farina, 38, who was shot once, underwent surgery on Tuesday night, and was in critical but stable condition on Wednesday, a hospital spokeswoman, Pam McDonnell, said.

Speaking to all the pro-illegal people and groups out there, rather then call those of us who are in favor of stopping illegal immigration racists, maybe you should take a look at the people you support for a change.

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