Oh Noes! St. Andrews Could Be Killed By AGW!

Heartache for all golfers

The world’s most famous golf course could crumble into the North Sea by the middle of this century, according to a climate change expert.

Professor Jan Bebbington, director of the St Andrews Sustainability Institute, visualises a town where locals remember with sorrow the last Open played on the Old Course, the home of golf.

She also foresees that Scotland will be a nation of car-sharing vegetarians and the declining population due to emigration will be offset by the allocation of 580,000 “climate change refugees”.

Her essay, commissioned by the David Hume Institute, was one of several reports launched at an event at the Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh yesterday which fast forward to 2050 to visualise the effect of climate change on Scotland.

See, there is just one problem (well, two problems, the other being the insanity of AGW disciples): St. Andrews is typically at least 10-30 feet above sea level, and even the most wild UN IPCC report only talks about a sea rise of a few inches. It is the insanity of Gorebots who are talking about 20 feet or more of sea rise.

Oh, and a 3rd one: notice that so many of these doomsday scenarios tend to mention 2050? They can’t get the 10 day forecast correct, and they can tell us what the world wide climate and sea levels will be in 2050? Not to mention that the temperature component of climate has been stagnent for 10 years now.

And, to add teh funny into AGW, even the Tehran Times gets all jiggy with it.

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