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Testing A New Captcha Plugin

WP Captcha-Free is only tested up to WP 2.8.4, I am running 2.8.5, so, want to see if it will work. Essentially, you will not see any sort of challenge. If you could, leave a comment, whatever you want, as a test. Thanks. More: nope, that one sucks, errors out every time for me when […]

Don’t Forget To Change Your WordPress Time

I’m seeing quite a few WordPress based blogs out there that look to be an hour ahead. Woops! For those who are new to WordPress, and some that aren’t, you might want to go in to the Options module, scroll down to time, and change the “Times in the blog should differ by” back one […]

New Plugin-Daikos Youtube Widget

An interesting little plugin, Daikos Youtube Widget, which allows one to embed Youtube vid’s on the sidebar in one of two ways: either just as a tiny vid (I have mine set to 170 pixels wide), or, by using the Thickbox plugin that comes with, you can have them pop up. I am avoiding using […]

New Theme, New Plugins

New theme time! I did love the way the Andreas09 theme looked, and that it was fluid 3 column. Only problem was, I could not get it to work correctly so that the post column would load before the sidebars. You can see a very nice example of Andreas09 at And Rightly So! Raven did […]

The New Sitemeter

For those who haven’t seen it, Sitemeter made some big changes to their website. And some changes to the meter you embed in your site. No longer is there one button that shows the you have sitemeter and what your hit count stands at. To do this, you now nead two scripts. You can leave […]

Blogging Help: Loading Main Content Before Sidebar Issue

OK, I give up. What I want to do with this theme is get it so that the main content loads before the sidebars. That is not that hard, of course. You just but the sidebar php tags after the content in the main index and the single post files. Ah, but, there in lies […]


Yes, I am all Widgetized now. Hooah! For those of you who haven’t done it, but are thinking of doing it, it really is not that hard. Though, I will admit, the only reason I did it was for the theme change. Otherwise, why bother? The code was already in the sidebar PHP file. If […]

Theme Question + Cleaning You Code

OK, do y’all like the current theme, or this one I have put quite a bit of work in to? Although, a lot of the time was in widgetizing the sidebar. Reason I as is that I was developing it because the current one had issues with the right sidebar in certain screen widths and […]

Iphone WordPress Application

I forget who as hoping that there would be a WordPress application released, but, I’m here to tell you it is available! Matter of fact, I’m using it to create this post. There is also one for those with Typepad, but nothing for Moveable Type yet.

Sitemeter Issue With IE7. Update: Supposedly Fixed

For those who aren’t aware, Sitemeter changed its coding, and it is causing sites that use it to fail in Internet Explorer 7. If you want the full details, head to Hot Air and Little Green Footballs, who points out that Sitemeters site crashes in IE7 too What can you do? Well, until it is […]

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