Blogging Help: Loading Main Content Before Sidebar Issue

OK, I give up. What I want to do with this theme is get it so that the main content loads before the sidebars. That is not that hard, of course. You just but the sidebar php tags after the content in the main index and the single post files. Ah, but, there in lies the problem.

With this theme, when I do that, it loads the main content, then the sidebars. However, the sidebars load below the content. I have tried all sorts of things, such as position absolute tags.  But, then both sidebars load up on the left side. You can see this at my test site.

Does anyone have any ideas? I prefer to load the content first, because every once in a while, a sidebar object, usually blogrolling, goes hosed.

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7 Responses to “Blogging Help: Loading Main Content Before Sidebar Issue”

  1. steveegg says:

    Probable fix for that:

    – In the style.css file, move the /*** Content ***/ section (everything between that and /*** Footer ***/) before the /*** Sidebars ***/ section, then save.

    That should force the content to be rendered first (at least it does in my theme). If you’re going to try that on the test site first, do restore the original style.css before making the change.

  2. Nope. Wish it was. Thanks for the feedback, Steve. It is rather vexing not being able to get it to work.

  3. steveegg says:

    I’ll try again either later or tomorrow. I know it’s possible; it just will take a bit of advanced surgery to the theme (and I’m a butcher) p-(

  4. Thanks, Steveegg. This is rather vexing. If I could just get the content to load first on the main page, that would be could.

  5. Interesting. I got it to work on my test site, except the footer comes a little high. Yet, will not work here on Pirate’s Cove. I wonder if there is a diff between the different WP versions?

  6. Pereca says:

    But why would you want to load content before sidebars? This blog loads fast, I don’t think visitors can’t wait that much…Or this one is just an ego-trip?

  7. Na, not an ego trip. First, I like the content to load before the sidebars for estetics.

    2nd, when something goes insane on the sidebar, usually Blogrolling, it keeps the main content from loading.

    I appreciate the feedback on the speed, Pereca.

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