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Obama’s Hours Away From Picking….Or Not

AP with the most humorous title of the day: Obama is hours away from naming running mate. That was 9 hours ago. Seriously, anyone think there a bunch of Messiah disciples who have been sitting around all day, keeping an eye on their email and text messages, too afraid to even get up to take […]

Fighting Teh Gay At The Olympics

So, I was over at the Chicago Tribune, asking the editor a question, namely, why is the Trib not out suing to get Obama’s records released from the University of Illinois regarding Barry’s time with a non-profit linked to William Ayers, when the Trib sued to get Jack Ryan’s divorce papers released. Both are private […]

Pirate Weekend Linkfest Sticky 8/22-8/24

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AGW Today: Clock Ticking On Coldest Year

Want to see the perfect encapsulation of the anthropogenic global warming hysteria? Time is running out in the fight against global warming, the UN’s top climate change official warned as a new round of UN talks got started here Thursday. “There is little time left to get a solid negotiating text on the table. Clearly […]

Joe Klein Whines: Where’s Barry’s Passion?

Poor Joe Klein at Time. He is watching his candidate implode. Reminds me of Don Imus beating his head against a wall after a John Kerry interview while saying “this is my guy, and I don’t know what he is talking about” A few days before Barack Obama was to announce his choice for Vice […]

SM Friday: Nancy Censors The Troops

The Surrender Monkey jumps in the way back machine today, to a time when he put on his pink party dress and visited Queen Nancy on the floor of the House, along with his French cousin Reddition, in light of this new story by the San Francisco Chronicle House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-S.F., has done […]

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