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Look At The Moonbats Go!

Hmm, this must be the progressive version of the trickle down effect. You have massive far left wackos such as Kos, Huffington Post, MyDD, AMERICAblog, Crooks and Liars, etc, putting forth wacky, weird, insance stuff. So, of course, others follow. Kinda like one of the most sane Dem presidential contenders, Bill Richardson, started going wacky […]

Aside: Michelle M On Missing Riots

Michelle Malkin: What if they held a riot, and no one came?

Aside: Barry’s Taste In Star Trek Episodes Has Improved

In regards to Barry’s Greek stage production (what’s wrong with American, Barry?), Ed Morrissey writes that at least Barry’s taste in Star Trek episodes has improved.

AGW Today: Vultures At U.N. Talks, Carbon Credits, Dems And Nukes

How perfect is this? Dozens of vultures landed on the grass the other day outside the building where U.N. climate talks are taking place in Ghana – and more were circling overhead. “They’ve been attracted by all the delegates falling asleep inside,” one official joked. Surprising that more misquito’s do not show up at the conferences, since they are […]

Plane Hijacked By….Guess Who? Plus Dead Taliban

Interesting how the words “Islam” and “Muslim” do not appear anywhere in this article Hijackers have released 87 passengers from a Boeing 737 seized on Tuesday shortly after taking off from the Darfur region, but are still holding the eight crew members hostage, the Libyan aviation authority said today. The plane, which had been en […]

Following Up On Miss. Illegals Bust, Plus 62 More

Following up on yesterdays story of a huge bust in Mississippi As a result of yesterday’s enforcement action, approximately 595 illegal aliens were arrested by ICE special agents. Of those, approximately 106 were identified as being eligible for an alternative to detention based on humanitarian reasons. These individuals will still be required to appear before […]

Obama’s Working With Bill Ayers Papers Released

According to those who vote Democrat, associations do not matter. Although they have made huge deals out of Bush’s links to “Big Oil” and the House of Saud. They have inferred that Bush must be a Nazi because of his grandfather Prescott Bush. But, associations do not matter if it is a Democrat, particularly the Chosen […]

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