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Blogging Help: Loading Main Content Before Sidebar Issue

OK, I give up. What I want to do with this theme is get it so that the main content loads before the sidebars. That is not that hard, of course. You just but the sidebar php tags after the content in the main index and the single post files. Ah, but, there in lies […]

The Ad Barry REALLY Doesn’t Want You To See

This is what’s called bring a Barrett .50 to a pillow fight. Apparently, we aren’t allowed to question Obama’s character, despite that being 80% of his campaign thru the primary, and even in to the general election. I guess discussing a presidential candidate cavorting with unrepentant terrorists is an “effort to distract us from the issues […]

UNC Islamist Attacker Gets 25 To 33 Years

Remember this guy? He is an Islamic extremist who tried to murder multiple people at the University of North Carolina (about 30 minutes away as the SUV puts out CO2) A judge Tuesday sentenced Mohammed Taheri-Azar to 26 to 33 years in prison for plowing into a UNC crowd and injuring nine people in March […]

Huge Illegals Bust In Mississippi

Good. And the Feds are not wasting time, either LAUREL, Miss. — In another large-scale workplace immigration crackdown, federal officials raided a factory here on Monday, detaining at least 350 workers they said were in the country illegally. Numerous agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement descended on a factory belonging to Howard Industries Inc., which […]

Moonbats Get Violent In Denver, Media Yawns

Here’s a story you will only find if you start with right side blog sitesand search for in the Credentialed Media. Not front page at cBS, ABC, PMSNBC, Washington Post, or LA Times. The only reason it is on the Interwebz front page for the NY Times is that it showed up at the bottom […]

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