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Latest Hit On Trump: He’s Not Capable Of Handling Ebola Outbreak Due To Old Tweets

Unhinged #NeverTrumper Gabriel Schoenfeld has a big bee up her bum over the latest (and constant) outbreak of Ebola, because Trump tweeted in 2014. So, he might do badly now! Considering how well he advised his bro Mitt Romney in 2012…..but, hey, Orange Man Bad! Trump tweeted heartlessly about Ebola in 2014. He’s ill-equipped to […]

NY Times: July 4th Is A Great Day To Protest

Anyone who’s surprised by this kind of opinion piece being in the NY Times, raise your hand. No one? Here we have Holly Jackson, an associate professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston, who’s all into the typical SJW stuff, getting unhinged (no worries, the editorial board does their own schtick about America starting over […]

Sore Loser Party Files Suit Against Trump Over Emoluments Clause

One would have thought the Democratic Party couldn’t get more unhinged then they did during the George W. Bush presidency. It just goes to show, never underestimate the level of moonbattery available. There’s always plenty more Congressional Democrats to file emoluments lawsuit against Trump Nearly 200 Democratic members of Congress agreed to file a lawsuit […]

Assassination Chic: CNN Fantasizes About Trump And Pence Being Killed To Keep Obama Admin Around

During most of George W. Bush’s two terms, there was a constant fantasy about him being assassinated, especially starting around the time of the 2004 general election. Michelle Malkin did a great job in highlighting this through the years, and noted the big return back in November aimed at Trump. Now we get this (Breitbart) […]

Washington Post: This Is The Most Ominous Inauguration In History!

The Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne, Jr. is continuing his Moonbat Meltdown This is the most ominous Inauguration Day in modern history Whether or not Trump is “legitimate,” he’s legitimately terrifying. Whether Dionne wrote the headline or subhead, or an editor did, either way, they’re utterly bat guano insane, and bear out in the actual article […]

Washington Post Still Searching For A Way To Stop Trump From Being President

Richard Cohen is one of the Washington Post’s deep bench of uber-liberals. He’s managed to annoy everyone, even causing Salon to write “the inexplicably still-employed centrist hack that the neoconservative editorial board of the Washington Post masquerades as a liberal” (which says more about how far left Salon is), while Media Matters has had numerous […]

NY Times, Washington Post, Continue To Push To Overturn Election Results Thru Electoral College

The Times and Washington Post have both published numerous articles, opinion pieces masquerading as articles, and opinion pieces since the election brought us President Elect Donald Trump looking to see what could be done to overturn the election, because they, like their Leftist comrades, cannot accept those results. If the shoe was reversed, had Hillary […]

NY Times: Say, Why Isn’t The DNC Trying To Thwart The Election Results?

Uber-partisan hacks David S. Cohen, a law professor and Hillary supporter, and Dalia Lithwick, a moonbat writer from the always reliably nutball site Slate, really really want the DNC and high ranking Democrats to fight back and deligitimize the election of Donald Trump, overturning the election. At some point, you have to realize that this […]

Raaaaacism Today: “Chicago” Is Now Part Of The Dog Whistle Lexicon

They really just can’t help themselves. I understand there’s a medicine for this (Newsbusters) Chris Matthews was on Hardball tonight covering the Republican National Convention with guests Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post and John Heilemann of New York Magazine.  In what is seemingly the natural progression of things these days with Matthews, the subject […]

Wisconsin Assembly Pulls All Nighter, Democrats Become Snippy

In the real world, mom and dad (or kindergarten teacher) would put the Dems into timeout, asked them if they had been eating Playdo. Right now, the Wisconsin assembly is going strong into their second day of debate and votes, along with a filibuster and enormous amounts of amendments from Democrats, and, we have Capitol […]

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