NY Times: July 4th Is A Great Day To Protest

Anyone who’s surprised by this kind of opinion piece being in the NY Times, raise your hand. No one? Here we have Holly Jackson, an associate professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston, who’s all into the typical SJW stuff, getting unhinged (no worries, the editorial board does their own schtick about America starting over again)

How to Protest the Fourth of July

How do you celebrate Independence Day? A cookout? Maybe take the kids to a parade?

William Lloyd Garrison, the 19th-century abolitionist, had a different idea for how to observe the holiday. Every flag should be either taken down or flown at half-staff, he wrote in his newspaper, The Liberator, and “all signs of exultation, parade and boasting should be studiously suppressed.” The usual rounds of celebratory music, marching and fireworks must be abandoned until “the millions of our oppressed countrymen are emancipated.” In the meantime, the Fourth of July “should be made THE DAY OF DAYS for the overthrow of slavery.”

In our time, July 4 has become detached from the politics of protest. But the history of the United States suggests that this need not — indeed, ought not — be the case. (snip)

For the better part of the 19th century, many groups in addition to abolitionists, including Native Americans, utopian socialists, women’s suffragists and industrial workers, chose to use the Fourth of July as an occasion for social-justice agitation.

The tradition of July 4 protest faded in the 20th century, but it re-emerged in moments of political urgency. Peace activists during the Vietnam War, for example, seized the day for fasts and demonstrations. In 1970, a committee of African-American churchmen urged the black community across the country not to participate in any festivities on July 4. Their “Black Declaration of Independence” listed 15 grievances, including “being lynched, burned, tortured, harried, harassed and imprisoned without Just Cause” and “being gunned down in the streets by Policemen and Troops who are protected from punishment.”

OK, protests on big things, things that really mattered. Protests for more freedom. Perhaps that should be Freedom! Now, of course

The tradition of July 4 protest has been largely dormant for a generation now — although the rallies and “die-ins” staged during the July 4 Senate recess last year, protesting efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, hinted at a revival. These days, many Americans seem to disapprove of protests in general, and for them, demonstrations on the Fourth of July might seem particularly offensive, even worse than taking a knee during the national anthem.

So, people were protesting Congress attempting to release them from the control of the federal government? Huh. It’s kinda like when anarchists protest for more government.

But this attitude fundamentally misunderstands the nature of the holiday. July 4 commemorates a protest so incendiary that its participants, the signers of the Declaration of Independence, risked execution as traitors to the crown. These dissidents came together to affirm their commitment to a political community based on equality, at least in theory. For a century and a half, social-justice activists honored this history by continuing it, trying to hold the nation to its own standards on the anniversary of the day they were declared.

She really doesn’t understand what the Declaration of Independence is all about. Explaining it to her wouldn’t help.

This July 4, on the heels of nationwide protests that mobilized hundreds of thousands of people in opposition to immigration policy, we ought to ask again, what does it mean to celebrate America now?

In other words, like most Democrats she loves America, she just hates everything it stands and wants to change everything.

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One Response to “NY Times: July 4th Is A Great Day To Protest”

  1. Dana says:

    Independence Day celebrates an actual revolution, a permanent separation from Great Britain and His Majesty the King.

    Yet the man the left find to be literally Hitler will be out of office in 6½ years, at the very latest. And Mr literally Hitler is proving to be the man who is most interested in defending the civil rights of the public, while it is the left who are the ones seeking fascist control.

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