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Good News: We’re Standing At The Crossroads Of Our Very Humanity From ‘Climate Change’

I’m thinking that perhaps Mary Robinson, past president of Ireland, which is one of the worst EU nations on “carbon pollution”, and who spends a lot of time taking fossil fueled trips, might not be the best messenger of doom Climate Change: standing at a crossroads for “our very humanity” says Mary Robinson The existential […]

If All You See…

…is a fence meant to keep out climate refugees, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Moonbattery, with a post on freedom of speech being a right wing conspiracy.

ZOMG, Was That Russian Spy Maria Butina In The Oval Office?

Today in #resistance, lefties getting punked (The Week)  Just one day after U.S. prosecutors unsealed criminal charges against Mariia Butina, an alleged Russian agent, eagle-eyed readers noticed a 2017 Oval Office visitor who looks mysteriously like the Russian national. In a photo published last year by The New York Times, Russian officials and Russian media are gathered […]

Elephant In Room: Trump’s Press Conference

There’s so much reporting and analysis and commentary and such on a tiny portion of the press conference that’s it really is hard to get to the base detail. Should Trump apologize, not apologize, clarify? (CNS News) President Trump’s press conference remarks in Helsinki are drawing fire from Democrats and Republicans at home, but one […]

Judge Puts Temporary Kibosh On Deporting Reunited Illegal Alien Families

Perhaps the judge should read the appropriate federal statutes which allow the Executive Office agencies to remove illegal aliens from the nation, and do not allow for a hold simply because they were separated (Daily Caller) A federal judge with a history of pushing back against President Donald Trump’s immigration policies has temporarily blocked the […]

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