Judge Puts Temporary Kibosh On Deporting Reunited Illegal Alien Families

Perhaps the judge should read the appropriate federal statutes which allow the Executive Office agencies to remove illegal aliens from the nation, and do not allow for a hold simply because they were separated

(Daily Caller) A federal judge with a history of pushing back against President Donald Trump’s immigration policies has temporarily blocked the deportation of reunited illegal immigrant families on Monday.

San Diego-based U.S. District Court Judge Dana ordered the pause in a case filed by the ACLU until at least July 23, allowing time to decide if he should extend that order permanently.

The ACLU filed a formal complaint July 12 that asked for the government to pause deporting reunited illegal immigrant families and demanded the government pay for the cost of reuniting families, which in one case, cost $1,900, The Daily Caller News Foundation reported. (snip)

Former federal public defender Jeremy Warren said that, while Sabraw wouldn’t admit it himself,  “everything he’s done so far shows that he’s been offended by the government’s actions in this case,” USA Today reported July 13.

“Extend the order permanently.” So, this activist judge, who was Offended by the government enforcing The Law (just like Obama did when illegals were separated, and no one in the media, or this judge, cared), might make the order permanent? Under what authority can a federal judge change the duly passed Legislative Branch law to allow invasion of the country by foreign nations in contradiction of the Constitution? All this does is entice more illegal aliens to attempt to take long, dangerous journeys to come to the U.S. illegally.

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