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Climahypocrite Launches New Feminist Fight Against Hotcoldwetdry

Let’s give it up to Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland, big shot member of the United Nations, who runs all around the world on fossil fueled vehicles, as she does this which is about something something Mary Robinson launches new feminist fight against climate change Women around the world who are leading the fight […]

If All You See…

…is an iconic landmark that will soon be under water, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Legal Insurrection, with a post on North Korea starting to dismantle launching facilities for satellites.

Global Warming Causing More People To Kill Themselves Or Something

Since it’s summer, meaning it’s hot outside, the Cult of Climastrology often switches to the old phrase to push their insane cultology Global warming is making more people kill themselves: study Global warming is leading more people to commit suicide, a new study says. Stanford University scientists say they have identified a connection between climate […]

Liberals Are Super Psyched To Taunt Trump With Four Baby Trump Balloons

Serious question: should people who act in such a juvenile manner be allowed to vote? Because they’re obviously not mature enough to make serious decisions Four ‘Baby Trumps’ are ready to taunt the President at Bedminster. Will the FAA let them ‘fly’? The massive ‘Baby Trump’ balloon that gained global fame photo-bombing the London skyline […]

Bummer: Deportations Taking A Toll On “Blended Families”

This has the Associated Press’ Matt Sedensky Very Concerned, and this is yet another attempt to elicit Feelings for all those poor illegal aliens who never did anything wrong and were just looking for a better life and why are we so mean and think of the children and stuff She voted for Trump but […]

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